What "Designer" Means to Me

I always say, "fashion design chose me”. I’ve always had the hunger and need to create. In fact, before a lot of emphasis was placed on recycling, I saved everything! My creative mind said, “this is too valuable to throw away, I may need it to make something.” Indeed I did! Designing for me is a process that starts in a variety of ways. I am inspired by fabric, nature, basically anything interesting. As a child, I designed pull toys for toddlers out of string, beans, and oatmeal boxes. I was once scolded for rummaging through my grandmother’s desk drawer, searching for nothing in particular; it was an adventure! It took me miles away from the den where I sat. Designing takes me places without ever leaving my room or chair! Finding fabrics and materials for a specific design is like a scavenger hunt. I never know what I will unearth! Long before I create the muslin (fabric) or paper pattern of a design, I have sketched it or seen it in my mind’s eye. Cutting, sewing and fitting a model is what brings the design to life.

Elvatanza HuntComment