Fashion Fridays

My Fashion Friday posts were inspired from many fashion conversations and questions with former students, colleagues, and clients. When I first began to teach, a group of male students had made a pact to change things up on Fridays. One particular Friday, a fashionable young man walked into the classroom impeccably dressed from head to toe. When I complimented him on his attire and inquired as to the occasion and why he was “so dressed up on a Friday”, he explained that he and a group of friends were going to be dressing up on Fridays, calling it “Fresh Friday.” They wanted to shift the paradigm for their peers, believing that it would promote self-esteem and encourage others to reflect the image of how they wanted to be perceived. I never forgot their goal and thought of them when I began my Fashion Friday posts. I wanted to have a forum to give back to my viewers in a tangible, fun way. I envision including fashion tips, current trends and/or fads, funny quotes, or anecdotes and self-improvement concepts for my social media family and friends related to the fashion industry!

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